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     The most common parts that need replaced on a vehicle are the brakes.  This is a normal "wear and tear" item that you can expect to replace every 1-3 years, depending on how many miles you put on your vehicle and your driving habits.  It is never good to "ride your brakes" when going down a hill, or to slam on your brakes.   These habits could cause you to need your brakes changed more frequently.

     The brake system includes the brake pads or shoes, the rotors or drums, wheel bearings, brake lines and hoses, ABS electronic components, master cylinder and brake booster.  If any one of these items are not working properly, it could cause your vehicle's brake system to fail.   If you hear a noise or feel a pulsation when engaging the brakes, notice brake fluid leaking from your vehicle or if any of your brake lights on the dash come on, please call for an appointment immediately. 

Brakes, Rotors
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