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Our standard labor rate is $80/hr,

and based on Motor All Data Labor guide.

For customers supplying their own parts,

the labor rate is $100/hr 

We obtain approval before starting any work.โ€‹

                             COMโ€‹MON FIXED PRICE SERVICES
PA State Insp/Emissโ€‹ions* - $80.00


PA State Inspection Only* - $50.00


PA State Insp Large Tk* - $65.00


PA State Emissions Only* - $40.00


Mount & Balance tire - $20.00 & up (depends on size)

Regular Lube, Oil, Filter - $44โ€‹.95 & up (depends on type & amount of fluid required)


Synthetic Lube, Oil, Filter - $89.95 & up (depends on type & amount of fluid required)


Air Condition recharge - $129.95 & up (depends on amount of freon needed)


Transmission service - $129.95 & up (depends on type & amount of fluid required)


Coolant Flush - $119.95


Power Steering Flush - $119.95


Smoke System - $89.95


Diagnostic Testing - $79.95 & up (depends on time spent)


Computer Programming** - $179.95             
 (Prices do not include a 7% sales tax)



* Inspection prices are for both passed and failed. Money for failed inspection and/or emission are due the date we fail it. If vehicle is returned within 30 days with all work completed, we will re-inspect the vehicle and sticker the vehicle at no charge

  ** Programming and flashing price does not include repairs or replacement of electrical components.

 All money is due in full at time vehicle is picked up.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard,

Discover and American Express 


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