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We are a family owned business with great business ethics, honesty and loyalty.  We understand the pressures of todays economy and we get our customers back on the road without breaking their pocket book.  We do inpection and emissions on all autos.

We are a family owned and operated
business who put family values,
integrity and honesty above all else!
Owner / Service Writer / Lead Technician
Bill Rathbun
With over 25 years experience as an auto mechanic, he is top in his field.  As a perfectionist, his work is second to none.  He continues to learn and grow with the times and technology with advanced education regularly.   Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he has made a lot of connections and knows where to find the best quality parts at the lowest prices.
His licensing includes: 
*  Inspection
*  Emission
*  ASE Certified
*  ABS Brakes
*  Air Conditioning
*  Battery, Starting and Charging Hybrids

About us

     Bill and I married in December 1998, at which time Bill worked for a local garage and I worked as accounts receivable for a local doctor.  In April 2000, we were blessed with a son, Joshua.  He was born 2 months premature with many complications. I had to quit my job and become a full time stay at home Mom.  This resulted in Bill working overtime daily to make ends meet.  Living from week to week, not knowing how we were going to be able to pay the bills, somehow we found a way to make it through.  We were very fortunate to have family that lived close by and helped out whenever they could, along with wonderful friends and support systems, including our Church.  After Joshua was able to start kindergarten, I started working part time around his schooling and surgeries.  I also volunteered my time with the local Meals on Wheels and church activities.  Bill continued to work long hours 6 days a week.   In 2007, we enrolled Joshua into Cub Scouts, and before we knew it, Bill was the Assistant Cub Master and I was the Committee Chairperson.   We struggled financially with so much of our time being volunteered out, but we managed.  Nothing prepared us for  January of 2009 when Bill lost his job due to the Chrysler bail outs.  With every laid off mechanic searching for jobs that weren't there, he decided to take a different path and become a truck driver.  He got his CDL in May 2009, but nobody would hire him because he didn't have 2 or more years experience.  I got odd and end jobs just to pay the bills until something in my field became available.  Jobs were far and few between and we were afraid of what would happen once unemployment ran out.  We knew we both had the skills and know how to run our own garage, but didn't have the start up cash.  In my spare time between my part time jobs and taking care of my son, I started filling out forms and applying for a business name, tax id, got a cell phone and made some business cards.  We rented out a little one bay garage real cheap and started spreading the word.  Bill's regular customers who had been following him for years started coming to us.  Family and friends spread the word and next thing we knew, we were on our way to a real business.  In May 2010 we were licensed with the state of PA to perform inspections and emissions.   Since that time, we have grown and moved a few times, and are now settled down in the West End of Pittsburgh.   Joshua is now almost 18 and a racecar driver and  helps out around the garage and loves to chat with the customers and vendors as they pass on through.  We take nothing for granted and continue to strive for fairness, honesty and loyalty to our customers.  Of course we would not be where we are today without our wonderful customers, many who have become like family to us.  We are eternally grateful for everyone that helped us along this journey.   

Peace and much love,


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